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iseneehihinee Presents MUSTONE EXHIBITION "YO-KAI-TEN"
"YO-KAI" does the repetition reproduction.
There is "YO-KAI" ..the outside of the frame of reality... (Kyogoku Natsuhiko)

Uneasiness to a mysterious phenomenon and the supernatural phenomenon that cannot be explained exists in the age when. The virtual realities and it to supplement the uneasy psychology are "YO-KAI. "It is thought that "YO-KAI" gradually increased the kind as the image of the monster drawn in "Mountain and sea sutra" written for instance in China in about BC5 century etc. uniting. KAMAITACHI?KAPPA"ONI?TENGU?ZASHIKI-WARASHI?aud HINOTAMA????"YO-KAI" was created with a feeling of awe at time as said that an ancient god that the origin was not built into the system of Shintoism had. It is a good example that "ONI" becomes the object of the belief of people as "KISHIN". The oldest description concerning "YO-KAI" in Japan is a legend concerning TENGU and ONI in "Nihon-syoki" compiled at the Nara era. However, it might be the on in "Hyakki-yagyo-emaki" assumed the formation at the Heian era that it became a visual expression as the accumulation of such a legend brings it together. The most famous one is "Hyakki-yagyo-emaki" of "Mitsunobu Tosa" assumed drawing in the middle of Muromachi age now assuming that we can see itAfterwards, the genre of this ""YO-KAI" picture" came to be widely established to the people culture as the printing technique developed in Edo period. A lot of artists enchanted to "YO-KAI" exist in the past. Is it the ukiyoe master "Kuniyoshi Utagawa" at the Edo latter term, and an end of Edo era to present an especially remarkable talent?It might be "Kyousai Kawanabe" active until the Meiji era and be "Shigeru Mizuki. ""YO-KAI" of evil spirits of the mountains and rivers and strange appearance put up the infinite imagination, and it drove and it is necessary to have put up.

It is "MUST ONE" where the artist and it that starts presenting the expression voluntarily ..the most natural absorption of "YO-KAI" where the people culture lasting for such tens of centuries in the past is accumulated in this day and age.. appear this timeIt is presentation of new "YO-KAI" that "MUSTONE" that has consistently invented the original character group by cartooned technique challenges in this one-man show at the present age in the past. "YO-KAI" whom "MUST ONE" draws are not the existence of the image of "It is awfully ..doing.." dark that has been made fixed up to now at all. It is only a very familiar by POP a mono-passing on the face of things. "YO-KAI" as the dark that lurks quietly and it might be secretly of daily life of very natural of us only in familiar ..seeing of us to whom this present age is informationized in the administered society always... The work of "MUST ONE" is appealed so.

Virtual, first one-man show of "MUST ONE" to do without fail, to enliven art scene of Yo field, and to encounter in the future. Really, what "YO-KAI" fly out from the imagination, and it wants you ..expectation by all means.. to pay attention.

nanzuka (http://nug.jp)


????13:00?20:00 (WED?SUN???????MON?TUE


2-17-3-IBIS build B2 Shibuya Shibuya-ku Tokyo JAPAN 150-0002 81-3-3400-0075


150-0002 ??????????????????????B1F TEL?03-3400-0075


iseneehihinee Presents MUSTONE EXHIBITION




nanzuka (http://nug.jp)


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????iseneehihinee / NANZUKA UNDERGROUND


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