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2009.6.27 Sat - 7.25 Sat

Nanzuka Underground is pleased to announce “YO-KAI” by MUSTONE , second solo exhibition in Nanzuka Underground. MUSTONE had worked mainly on canvas drawn by oil chalk in the past, but he is now working new painting and sculpture with the use of silicone resin in this exhibition.

MUSTONE has been originally researching on spectrology which is from ancient tradition of Japan, as the inspiration to bear basis of his own expression activities. YO-KAI(specter)is drawn comically, sometimes seriously, as evil creature to trouble people, or as the goodness to admonish people. MUSTONE has his attention to people's spiritualism charmed by its existence.

The idea of the mystery and awe which we often take in is the most important element for MUSTONE’s works. He draws "Something" that is taken by people's most sharpened sensitivity as YO-KAI, just like it has the symbolic word of "dwelling". That is why YO-KAI drawn by MUSTONE does not look like a stereotyped Monster.

MUSTONE carefully selected the motif for works based on his own special experience towards this exhibition. These works are the forms of things lives in parallel world which MUSTONE has looked in. Also they are expressing “Pleasant Sensation” which he was saved by.  MUSTONE says “it is a pleasant sensation fascinated by mystery, in another word, mysterious pleasure". We wonder if such sensitivity dwells in every one of us just like him.



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