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Design that likened body of T-shirt to space

It is SOS signal of the earth in the front side.

The ultra signature shines in the back.

What is the ultra signature ・・・?

It is emergency (SOS) ..sending.. signal, and the sight visual design when seeing
from the earth is "Ultra character" in the ultra soldiers who are that looks like
the hieroglyph of the earth ..the earth from the country of the ultra (M78 nebula)...
This becomes the floatage emergency signals in the sky.

Signal (Alias: Arm and hand signal) design that uses body by method of the earth's

communicating. From the left
H (Ultra-man), E (Ultoramantarou), L (Ultra-man 7), and P(Ultra-man A)
The ultra signature in fuller detail …

The SF gimmick that talks about bonds of the joint struggle of the ultra soldier is "Ultra signature. " together with greatly set "Ultra brother" there though brought forth by "Ultra-man A" the first story opening by figure "Ultra signature" of the enchantment in which the soldier in the country of light (country of the ultra) unites through "Ultra-man that comes back" the 18th story. When seeing from the earth with emergency signals sent to the soldier that the country of the ultra is in the earth, it is expressed by "Ultra character" that floats on the sky that looks alike to the hieroglyph of the earth as the ultra signature. Having appeared on the screen is "Ultra-man A" the first story, and when satan Yapul raids, this time is of the table mind of a different dimension for the first time as for new soldier Ultra-man A appearance. The encouragement to A support of Zofe (the fifth story) and "Set up and shoot and cut it" (the sixth story) is notified, and it is possible to confirm it later in this work at chances of "Tarou" the 25th story (Mururoa event), the 40th story (Thailand approach), "Leo" the 34th story (new man visit), and the 38th and 39 stories (reckless driving of the ultra in the star), etc. at the following. Moreover, the recent work is moved by the episode of the star of the ultra, and sent to the earth by father of Zeas in movie "Zeas 2" for the encouragement of Masahit (Zeas). Moreover, is it in "Neos" seven 21 faced Neos by the first story as for the use of the killer shot?It does. Ultoramanjornias warned another of the crisis of the earth by the character of U40 in "Za * Ultra-man" the first story though it was an extra ultra signature. Thus, it has been misused by the enemy though it is a successive ultra soldier and a close ultra signature. There is an example that talks about the name of Zofe by the great number who entered the subsidiary of the Ga power three magma Hoshihit people in "Ultra super-legend" of other Ison Shinji's ultra cartoons in the famous one though it is an imitation of Yapul in the 12th "A" story signature, wears Andoromeros, and began to come. (From the book. )

PS: Picashure

The plan of the world tour that started from Nippon Budoukan was made.
However, John dies in Kyoutama of a fan believed fanatically the fall on December 8, 1980 immediately after that. It was 40 years old etc.

grow in the dark
photo & model:40ザ・マーイン

xelepathy is complete and an error. It is an error that changes the telepathy into extasy.


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